February 15, 2014

What kind of toys did you have?

To start, we didn't have anything electric, electronic or required batteries.  We had dolls and stuffed animals but usually only one.  We designed and made clothes for our dolls rather than having tea parties.  Stuffed animals were to sleep with not play.  We had paper dolls that again we designed and made clothes for.  Yes, we had crayons but not markers and we were allowed to use scissors.
We played mumbly peg with kitchen knives.  Mom always knew where her knives were.  We would hear a call and run back inside with the knives.
We had jacks and marbles and would have some serious competitions with them with one of us going home without their marbles.  Maybe, that's where the expression "lost all his marbles" came from.
We had baseballs and rubber balls and a hundred games that we invented to play with these.
Roller Skates were there to take us on longer adventures.
Ropes were for skipping and sticks were for hitting things to see who could hit it the farthest.
Vacant lots were for exploring and dreaming up fantasies about how this land came to be abandoned.
Trees were for climbing and jumping from. 
Basically, anything had the possibility to become a toy for us.  We spent our time being children.  We weren't bombarded with adult themes and violence.  We could go outside for hours without fear except of our parents if we should accidently break something.  I sincerely regret that my grandchildren will never know that freedom.  Will never know how to make their own toys and invent their own games.

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