February 20, 2014

What brings you the most enjoyment in life today? has that changed over time?

Spending time with my children and their families brings me the most enjoyment.  Singing comes next.  Being alone with my dogs is another thing that brings enjoyment.  The internet is another source of enjoyment and information and it also saves me steps looking for things that I want or need.
Thirty years ago these wouldn't be at the top of my list.  In fact, they would be at the bottom.  Then I wanted adventure.  I wanted to be out with the public working and meeting new people then coming home to unwind and relax.  I enjoyed travel.  Heading out for a music convention or on a sales trip.  Heading north to visit my mother and siblings.  And, again, glad to come home again.

Gardening is one thing I have enjoyed all my life thanks to my gardener father.  Making is another thing I still enjoy.

I still enjoy traveling but only to visit family.  I am not the tourist anymore.

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