February 12, 2014

What hobbies did you have growing up? What hobbies do you have now?

When I was very young, my only hobby was playing as much as possible and escaping from Mom's watchful eye.  Mom would fasten my older sister and I to the clothesline while she was in the house taking care of the house and our baby brother.  She put harnesses on us that buckled in the back not realizing that we could unfasten each other and escape at will which we did.  She would come out to get us for lunch and we would be gone.  We couldn't go to far since we were quite young but we could usually make it to the neighbor's yard to play with their children who were older than us by several years.
As I matured, I liked playing baseball and exploring the town we lived in.  I would get on my roller skates and skate all over town.  The town had sidewalks throughout town and paved roads so it was not a problem to go from one end of town to the other in an hour or so.  It was a small town of about eight hundred people.
When I was in eighth, I discovered Pearl Buck's books.  Reading became my hobby.  I read all of her books that I could find and then went on to other authors reading each of their books and moving on to another author.  I read current books and classics, short and long, all genres,  If it was a book written in English, I would read it.
In high school, the reading continued along with other hobbies,  There were more things offered in high school such as music, drama and public speaking.  I took advantage of these offerings.  At home, I would sew.  I learned to sew in 4H club and continued as it was cheaper to make my clothes than to buy them and I was good enough that no one knew that I had made them.
After high school, I continued with these hobbies.  When I was married and had children, the sewing came in handy since children's clothing was quite expensive to buy but not to make.  I was still reading and music was still a part of my life.
Now that I am a grandmother, I still read, sing, and sew. Another love has entered my life.  I love to teach.  I teach religion to third graders currently but I have taught seventh grade and kindergarten.  I am so glad that I have that opportunity in my golden years.  Grandchildren can be a hobby too.  A wonderful one.  To be able to watch them grow and change into responsible adults, that is a joy.
All of my hobbies I enjoy greatly and am blessed that I can continue doing the things I enjoy.  Sewing is more difficult because my eyesight is not as good as it once was but the technology was waiting for me to need it to be able to see to thread the needles.  My skills have declined from lack of practice but hopefully, I will start to sew again.  New books are being written every day.  Singing can be done anywhere if it is quiet enough.   I do think I will have to give up baseball and roller skating.  Baseball because none of my friends want to play and roller skating because there aren't enough sidewalks and there are too many cars on the roads.

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